Thursday, October 27, 2011

The promised pictures

Below these pictures is the link to the web album.  Enjoy...

Sunset over a Virginia field
The Potomac River
And of course...the web album!


  1. These pictures are so beautiful, Haley! My mom told Amelia that she was going to get to see Libbey soon and this was her response: "oh berate!!!!" Here is what she meant to say: "oh hooray/I can't wait." Yes, she gets tongue tied when she slips into a fit of excitment, combining to two different words to form one non-sensical (who knows if I spelled that right) one. So in whatever words you choose, please tell Libbey that Amelia is very excited to see her. :) -Madeleine

  2. Hannah said

    Wow Haley looks like you are getting a great hold on your camera. I can't wait till you get back home. Jubliee and Jedidiah have made tons of cards for Libby. Miss you.