Saturday, October 22, 2011

Libbey gives her opinion

This being the last interview, it was especially enjoyable to get Libbey’s point of view of how things have been going in the past weeks.  I expect that everyone has liked reading these and gotten a deeper knowledge of it all.  It’s been fun for me and my family, and my hope is that it was portrayed in the posts as well.

Haley:  So, Libbey, what do you think of this trip so far?

Libbey:  I like it.  It’s fun being in the car and doing all sorts of stuff, and it’s just fun and exciting.

Haley:  What kinds of things do you do when we take long drives?

Libbey:  Listen to CD player, do word search, play games, play store.

Haley:  How do you play store in the truck?

Libbey:  I take my money, use my armrest as it’s the desk and machine, and pretend the glass on the window is the screen.  I slide people’s credit cards, that’s all.  I play with Delaney.

Haley:  Who have you enjoyed seeing the most?

Libbey:  Sally and Nathan.

Haley:  Why?

Libbey:  ‘Cause they’re fun, and because they had a lot of kid books.  I got a new bike there.  And Nathan was so funny.  He telled jokes and Delaney was in the tube and Nathan brought her into where the fish were and she almost got hit in the face!  And we knew what Nathan was up to because he was making funny faces at Delaney. 

Haley:  When we visited Aunt Lois’s house, did you have a lot of fun there too?

Libbey:  Yes.  I blowed bubbles, and the dollhouse I played it with Delaney.  I rode my bike but it was the old one (we visited Nate and Sally after our relatives). 

Haley:  Do you know what your favorite state has been?

Libbey:  America.  (She’s still confused about geography)

Haley:  Okay, how about this…America is like a cookie and the states are like the chocolate chips.  What state has been your favorite?

Libbey:  Oh, chowda in Ba Haba in Maine.

Haley:  Is Daddy a good driver, or do you like it when Mommy drives?

Libbey:  I like when both drive. 

Haley:  Do you like staying in Wal-Marts?

Libbey:  Yeah!  ‘Cause we get to have ice cream hunts!

Haley:  What’s an ice cream hunt?

Libbey:  What ice cream hunt is is that you go in Wal-Mart and try to find ice cream instead of asking where the ice cream is, ‘cept if you already know where it is.  If you go where you THINK it is and go down the isle where you THINK it is, and it’s not there, then THINK again.

Haley:  What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?

Libbey:  Ice cream!  Um, Cinnamon Buns and Cherry Garcia and what’s the kind we had?  Uh, um, Grasshopper and let’s see here, all right, and then, um…

Haley:  Let’s move on, okay?  Do you remember when we were in New York City?  Did you like it there?

Libbey:  Yeah.  I don’t remember.

Haley:  (Goes into a detailed explanation to stir her memory).

Libbey:  I don’t remember.

Haley:  Suey was with us.

Libbey:  OH!  I liked it, it was so funny!  I liked the Statue of Liberty, I wish we could go inside it but we had to have tickets and we didn’t have the tickets and I’m very mad about that.  We got there by a ferry boat, it was interesting. 

Haley:  How about going to Plimoth Plantation?  Was that fun?

Libbey:  I didn’t like Indians.  I liked the part when you got to dress up in the kid part.  I liked the Pilgrims.

Haley:  Did you enjoy having Susanna stay with us for nine days?

Libbey:  Mmmm…let’s see here.  Sort of because it was fun having her.  I played at the swing set with her, and…can we please move on?

Haley:  Um…sure.  When we stay at a campground, what do you do during the day?

Libbey:  I ride my bike, I go to the playground, I play in the mud, I go in the trailer and play and sing my songs out loud, The neighbors hear me.  I read and do school, I color in my coloring book, I like my Fred Book, I sometimes mess up in my school.  I like school so much.

Haley:  Where is your favorite place to be in the trailer?

Libbey:  In my bed making messes.  ‘Cause I have a lot of toys and I like making messes and my shoes are on the floor in the way ‘cept my new ones.  I color in my bed, I be with my bear—Joo-Joo Hershey Cocoa Beyer—I like her ‘cause she’s so fun. 

Haley:  Do you help cook food for meals?

Libbey:  No.  I wash dishes and I dry.  Sometimes I don’t get to wash, but sometimes I do.  Very odd.

Haley:  Did you like going to town with Mommy and sisters when Daddy has to work?

Libbey:  Yes!  It’s so fun because I get to buy gum and pretend that I work there.  That’s all.  And like pushing the cart.

Haley:  Did you have fun at the boat show in Annapolis when we climbed on all the big boats?

Libbey:  (GASP!) all the candy in the big white tent!  Yeah, I liked it.  I liked how I got all the candy and that we got to climb on all the boats and there’s one that I liked.  I wanted to buy them all.           

Haley:  Today we are driving to Tennessee.  Then we’ll see our friends the Hall’s later next week.  Are you excited to see them?

Libbey:  Yeah.  What I remember waS that we stayed in a hotel room and they did too.  And we were next to each other.  I hope we can do it again someday with them and me and Delaney can write notes again that say “wake up” and put it under the door.

Haley:  Do you want to go home soon or would you like to live in the trailer longer?

Libbey:  I wanna go home right now, but first see the Hall’s.  I miss home and I wanna mess my other bed up and play with Jenny my doll and dress up. 

Haley:  What do you like about home that we don’t have here?

Libbey:  Playing games, playing Taco Bell restaurant with you, I get to play with water.

Haley:  Do you like living in the trailer?  Why?

Libbey:  I don’t like livin’ in the trailer.  I already told you.  I miss home ‘cause it has all my toys.

Haley:  We are going through Arkansas, where the Duggar’s live.  Do you want to go see them?

Libbey:  YEAH!!  Because I wanna play with all their children and make messes with them.  And ‘cause Joy-Anna looks fun. 

Haley:  Did you like Washington D.C.?

Libbey:  What I liked about D.C. was that we got to visit the pencil house (Washington Monument).

Haley:  Did you like seeing the Senate gallery and watching the people talk?

Libbey:  What’s a gallery?

Haley:  (Explains)

Libbey:  Oh, um, then they were going to tell the President all about that stuff so they could make the rules? 

Haley:  Yes.  Why did you like it?

Libbey:  I liked it because they…I don’t know why!  But what was that thing that the man was banging with?

Haley:  He was banging a gavel, which is like a little hammer.

Libbey:  Didn’t look like a hammer.

Haley:  Well, okay.  So, have you enjoyed this interview?

Libbey:  Mmm-hmm.  Can we take a break? 

Haley:  How about we be done now?

Libbey:  No, let’s take a break.

Haley:  One more question…what’s been your favorite part of the trip?

Libbey:  Going to where Washington lived at Mount Vernon because he was my governor.

Haley:  He was actually the first president.

Libbey:  Oh yeah, he was the first father of the whole United States.

Haley:  I guess that’s pretty correct.  Let’s end it there.  Thank you for answering my questions, Libbey.  Did you have fun?

Libbey:  Yes I did.  Thank you and goodbye.  I’d rather take pictures now.

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  1. How cute was that interview. Great way to capture the essence of Libbey.