Monday, October 10, 2011

Delaney--sister, #1 STP, and a million other things...

Delaney has been dying to get put on the blog for the longest time, and I made her rather angry when I told her that she’d have to wait for her birthday post in March.  But we girls decided that I should write one about her now, and it was really quite fun.

If there's one person that has made this trip interesting, it's Delaney.  She has her days when she can't go through one sentence without us all laughing hysterically.  Yet, there are days when she's a little less than pleasant, and it can take many, many bad jokes (from her older sister) to get her smiling again.

We have some great dish washing memories together.  We sing (in attempted harmony, usually loudly), make jokes, tell made-up stories about random people, have friendly arguments and much more while we wash dishes.  Sometimes we spend the whole time elbowing each other and flinging dish towels, but usually its a fun time.  I actually miss doing dishes in our house, where there was plenty of space for dish towel-flicking matches and dancing while we sing loudly and fling soap everywhere...

I love her a whole lot, she’s my favorite 12-year-old sister ever.  She makes me laugh the hardest, and she can make me madder than a hornet sometimes.  She ought to be the oldest, in my opinion, because she has all the virtues I do not and a lot more patience…something I severely lack.  She is very opinionated about certain things, and has made full-blown theories about them that she will gladly discuss with you at any given moment.  She's a great debater.

She’s usually the most awesome girl to wake up with every morning, but this particular morning was one exception…I was curled up in my sleeping bag, trying to catch a few more winks before taking on the day, and before I knew it I had Delaney inside the sleeping bag with me and Libbey plopped on top of my back.  I did not like this, so I proceeded to push Delaney off the bed.  She got back in and after a few minutes of wild pushing, we all fell on the floor in a tangled heap of sleeping bag, pillow, and three pajama-clad girls.  We were all laughing by now and after I shoved both girls off me, I curled up right there on the floor in my sleeping bag and caught a couple more winks before I had to get up.  Yeah...sister stuff...    

I asked Delaney what her dreams in life are.  Right now she wants to marry a farmer in Ohio who drives an old-fashioned Ford, with Border Collies and cows and horses for pets, have a huge garden and at least a dozen children.  Between all this farm life, Delaney also wants to be an author (that actually gets published, she adds).  What she didn't mention is that she is very musically gifted.  She plays the piano, violin and mandolin and has written a few songs.  I think she could move on to being a professional musician, but I don’t think that’s one of her goals.  But hey, if she’s never a published author than she can play music!  She has many gifts and has already blessed many people with them.
I can honestly say that I wish I could be more like Delaney.  She’s a wonderful, godly young lady and it’ll be fun to share these many upcoming years of life with her.


  1. Great post!
    Wish you all could have been here for my baptism.....
    hope all is going well.

  2. I love your post!

    I love you Delaney!!!!!


  3. Awww. . .makes us miss Delaney even more!