Monday, September 26, 2011

Some things I miss about home...

I do not dwell on this much at all, now that we’re living in tight quarters it makes us all be more thankful for the ‘conveniences’ of home…

  1. Space…there’s plenty of room to cook and work and breathe.
  2. Solid floors…at home they don’t quiver whenever you take a step.
  3. Lots of fridge, freezer and pantry space…we shop way more often than we would at home!
  4. Sharp pencils and an electric pencil sharpener…it’s inconvenient to have pencils that don’t sharpen well in a hand sharpener.
  5. A huge kitchen…I can’t experiment and do new recipes in a tiny kitchen that also serves as a family room and dining room and office.
  6. Real linens on beds…we use sleeping bags now because you don’t launder them.
  7. My wonderful bookshelves and book boxes and books…I ran out of reading material about three weeks ago. :)
  8. Good, solid internet and four computers…no squabbling for turns and no spotty internet.
  9. An endless amount of fresh, clean water at ready use…we are constantly filtering water in one pitcher.
  10. Our yard…I just miss it.
  11. Showers…the ones in camps are public (need I say more?) and ours in the trailer is about as big as an upright casket.
  12. Normal, daily life…life in the trailer is a whole new routine and we’re still perfecting it.
  13. Friends and Saints…we have loved spending time just as a family, but of course it gets lonely. :(
  14. Faith…the sweetest, fluffiest, doggish-like cat in the world.
  15. Our piano…setting the keyboard up works but is a pain to do. 

So that’s my list of wistful homesickness.  Y’all are so blessed to have a computer to read this on in a chair in a house, don’t take it for granted!  Everything we have is a gift, including the very breath you are taking.  Praise the Lord for the things we have and are being given!

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