Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Delights in my smallest sister

Ever since the start of our trip, Libbey has been full of cute little quirks and jokes that never fails to brighten our faces.  During the first couple days on the road, she was making up lots of very long, very detailed riddles that made no sense to us, yet she cracked her self up every time.  That was pretty funny, not the riddles but Libbey herself. 

One of Libbey’s absolute favorite activities in the world is her bike.  For the first week and a half, she was riding her first bike, and little 12-inch pink bike that she named ‘Sparkle’.  She rode Sparkle all the time, putting anything remotely interesting or pretty in her white ‘wicker’ basket.  But it now being too small for her, Libbey wobbled and jerked around, sometimes falling.  Nevertheless she always picked herself back up and kept going.  She just delighted in her bike.  But once we got to Nate and Sally’s, dad had decided that he was going to get her a new one.  During a shopping trip, we found a hot pink, 16-inch, almost-new bike at Goodwill for $25.  When we got home, dad went and bought it, cleaned it up and put Libbey’s bike basket on it.  When it was ready, Sally and I ushered Libbey outside to see a ‘surprise’ and she was thrilled!  She went at once to go put her pants, shoes and helmet on.  When she got on and rode around the street, she didn’t wobble or jerk a bit, much less fall down.  We cheered and she beamed!  Now, we are in Niagara Falls area and she rides all day, every day.  She has named her ‘Sprinkle’, and cares diligently for her.  When she rides she often sings or talks to herself, and sometimes finds the company of Lucy Pevensie, her imaginary friend that also has a pink bike.  After a ride Libbey usually washes Sprinkle off at the spigot, and feeds her grass or pebbles.  At night she gently lays her down under the awning or a tree and puts her to bed.  It is truly a delight to see Libbey so content, and it is so much easier. 

Children have such an amazing imagination.  How sad that we eventually lose that priceless, pure, undefiled imagination that brings us so much contentment and joy in our childhood!  It is a gift that we can see it in our own children and siblings, and see yet again how much delight it brings to those who have it. 

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