Monday, September 26, 2011

The latest Libbey-isms

Ever since we’ve slowed the trip down a bit, our family has gotten into a habit of being night owls and then sleeping in late.  So, the other day, when everyone was awake and moving around (except for dad of course).  Libbey asked mom if she could tell daddy something.  Mom said, “No, he’s sleeping”.  Libbey looked over at dad, who was had just woken up and was watching.  Turning back to mom she said, “But his eyes are awake!”

This afternoon after lunch, we girls were laughing and joking about how we were going to marry “rich guys”.  Libbey was going right along, and said, “Delaney, if you don’t marry a rich guy, you’ll get no money and just the receipts!”  That was so funny, but Libbey probably laughed the hardest of us all!

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