Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Just an update

For those wondering exactly where we are at this time, we are spending the week in North Beach campground.  (I sort of wish it was the North Beach in Pismo, but it's not).  It's in Burlington, Vermont, actually, and it is right on Lake Champlain.  We have a fairly peaceful campground, and the only noises are the wind in the trees and the football game going on at the neighboring high school right now...

We girls went to the downtown area today.  Church street, a pedestrian-only shopping attraction, has some neat perches and we enjoyed ourselves very much.  We went to Borders, which was in it's final days of existence.  A yummy lunch at a local bagel shop and a Yankee Candle store were the highlights for us, those and the April Cornell outlet.  

Dad has been having good internet and has been working as usual.  We've been eating all our meals outside at the wooden table because his 'office' is the entire dinette.  That is all fine, except that from 3:00 in the afternoon to dark the mosquitoes are horrendous.  They bite, through bug spray and everything.  

It's been a nice stay, although rather expensive, if you count up all the quarters we've used for showers.  School is back on, and our days are less leisurly than before, but it has been a nice stay.  More to come in the next days, hopefully.   

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