Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A look into a STP (aka Snoopy Trailer Person)

Ah, snoopy trailer people.  They look just like you and me.  Some have families; some are just old retired couples looking to have a good time.  All own a home on wheels.

As a snoopy trailer person, you are expected to walk the talk.  It is not hard, you just need time, a good attention span and another person (that makes it more fun).  How to do it:  Start by looking out of the window with the best view of the rig closest to you.  Observe what it is doing.  Is it pulling in?  Maybe it is well established.  Or perhaps its occupants are gearing up to leave.  Either way, you are in for a show.  If they are pulling in, observe how the people work together to get the rig parked, leveled and set up.  If it is a couple, do they work well together?  Do they dress alike?  Maybe they are just a bickering husband and wife who seem make things work even when they disagree on every aspect.  That is usually very amusing.  If there are children, they may jump out of the vehicle like pogo sticks and run amuck, or they could act like angels and help their dear parents who are trying to make everything perfect.  It is always fun if it is an old, sweet-looking couple who have their beloved dog with them (a.k.a. their spoiled baby). 

On that note, I recall once when we were staying in Yellowstone, the RV across the street from us had a little white poodle (we guessed it was a female).  When they arrived, they unhooked their little Jaguar sedan and went inside to get Fluffy.  When they came out, Fluffy had a pink leather jacket on with a shiny collar and something on her paws.  The woman lovingly carried her 10 feet to the car and buckled it in its little dog car seat.  They drove away as dear as can be.  When they came back a few hours later, they pulled in, parked the sedan and reached in to unbuckle Fluffy.  Lo and behold, she had a new outfit, I don’t remember exactly the style but it was probably a girly color and I think it had rhinestones on it.  Whew, talk about people who love their dogs.  You see, only snoopy trailer people can notice that much…

You ask, ‘How do you spot a snoopy trailer person?’  Well, ‘tis quite easy: If the owners of the rig are sitting outside during anytime of day, and you happen to walk (or ride) by, often they will watch you coming from a distance.  You will warily watch them stare at you out of the corners of your eyes.  As you pass, they will grin and wave.  (You respond any way you like).  Another sign: they can often be seen staring out of their windows, whispering to their partner or watching something or someone with ever-widening eyes.  Others are more discreet, casting furtive glances in a certain direction every so often.  Still, each one is a snoopy trailer person and are good at what they do.  We are snoopy trailer people.  It’s awesome.  It’s fun.  It’s snoopy. 

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  1. What fun! Makes me want to hook up and go trailering just so I can be one!