Saturday, September 17, 2011

One-month milestone!!

Today is our one-month anniversary of our enormous road trip.  It has gone by surprisingly (or not surprisingly) fast, and we have been busy ever since dad put the pedal to the metal.  It has been an incredible, memorable adventure so far and every day there are new and exciting things to see, some that we have been planning for years.

A funny story:  yesterday we were in Montpelier, Vermont, to see the capitol.  When we drove into the tiny, old city with narrow streets and brick buildings, dad parked the rig along the road, taking up three spaces.  They each had parking meters, so dad went into the visitor’s center to ask if there was anywhere else to park, since this was the smallest town in America with a capitol building and was not trailer-friendly at all.  The man helping him was an older local, and let him in on a little secret.  “Let me give you some insight information,” he told dad.  “I know the meter maid personally, and she’s already done her rounds today.  You can set your clock by her.  So I would just put two quarters in the front meter and not worry about it.”  So dad went out, put two quarters in the first meter and we spent almost two hours touring the capitol!

Anyway, I made a list of statistics for the (hopeful) enjoyment of you readers.  During this first month of traveling, we have:

-been through 15 states
-driven about 4,500 miles
-spent $487.00 on campground fees
-found all the state license plates except Hawaii
-used about 450 gallons of gas
-spent 9 nights in Wal-Mart parking lots
-taken over 1,880 pictures

We’ve also been through some cities and towns with interesting names, like Rome, Corinth, Weed and Lovelock.  So, I can honestly say that I’ve been to Rome!!  Maybe someday I’ll make it to Rome, ItalyJ

For those going, “Okay, okay…now WHERE ARE YOU ANYWAY?!?!” I will tell you.  Today we drove from Concord, New Hampshire to Manchester.  We tried to visit the capitol building in Concord, but they were closed.  We did stop in a candy store for treats, walked around and talked a bit with a lady involved with National Day of Prayer.  She was sitting in the capitol building grounds and reading God’s Word through a mike.  That was a neat thing. 

I will try to post some pictures soon, we’ll see.  I thought that the humungous web album would keep y’all happy for a while, but maybe you’re ready for some more?  Comment and let me know!  For now, I must go and engage with the family…


  1. Awesome, Haley! The parking meter story is very funny. I miss you a whole lot!

  2. Wow...1/3 of the way through the trip. We sure miss you guys and are happy to follow along with the blog. Thanks Haley.