Monday, September 26, 2011

We spend a weekend in Maine

The last three days have been spent in Maine, the most eastern state in America.  I will start with Saturday…

After unhooking the truck and leaving the rig in Black Woods Campground, we drove to nearby Bar Harbor to do some looking and shopping.  Walking up and down the streets in the rain was fine, because there were lots of canopies to duck under and it wasn’t cold.  And of course we bought things!  I love all the “Life Is Good” stores over here in the East, they’re always so optimistic!  You walk in and smile. 

Even though it was a foggy, misty day, it created a neat scene over the harbor.  It was fun to watch all the traffic on the water, from the lobster boats to the great Queen Elizabeth II, which was in port for all the European tourists to go into town and buy cheap souvenirs.  There was an enormous, 138-foot long charter yacht in port called the Redemption, and we gawked at that for a while too.

A local recommended Stewman’s restaurant for dinner.  Dad, Delaney and I got ladles of lobster bisque, and Miss Libbey got clam chowda’.  She tried the bisque, but found it ‘disgusting’…as she put it.  It was really quite good, at least by our mature taste buds. :)  Mom got a 1 ¼ pound lobster, freshly boiled.  It looked scary, but gourmet!  I tried a bit of a claw, and I found it rather good.  It is chewy and really doesn’t have any strong taste at all, almost bland.  But it was rather unusual to look at the head of the lobster and eat its claw at the same time!

Libbey's reaction to mom's meal

Viewing the lobster boiling after dinner

After dinner, we went downstairs and looked at the tanks full of live lobster, as well as the huge boiling pots.  A chef pulled out a 4 ¼ pound lobster out and posed for a picture (the lobster’s claws were tied closed with elastics).

On this day, the Lord’s Day, was spent enjoying God’s amazing handiwork.  Mom and I exercised in the morning and we all prepared to leave the campground.  Then we took the truck up Cadillac Mountain.  It was a foggy morning, but thankfully it blew over and we got to see the magnificent view of Maine, the harbors and isles, ships on the water and clouds hovering above.  Cadillac Mt. is the tallest coastal peak in the eastern U.S., its elevation being about 1,500 feet!  At home in CA, that’s just a hill!  But it really does have a great view of the beautiful state. 
Morning dew on pine needles

Cadillac Mountain view

We took a tour bus in the afternoon, to another harbor and the surrounding Acadia National Park.  The colors are starting to really pop and were nestled in the leaves of green.  It was very lovely.  And that’s just the beginning of autumn!

Random roadside waterfall

The Lord put us back on the road on Sunday evening, after a superbly healthy, most delicious pre-dinner of whoopie pie, chocolate coffee cake and blueberry bismarks!  Yum!!  (Well, you never know which meal will be your last!).  Then dad pulled this image up on his map...our route...

Sunday evening held a turn of events.  When we were pulled over at a rest stop about an hour out of Bar Harbor to eat dinner, dad discovered a problem with the trailer.  A part from underneath was broken and dragging on the road.  Dad called Mr. Becker for advice and then he tried to decide what to do.  After about 15 minutes, a trucker pulled into the parking lot.  Dad went up to him and introduced himself, then explained our problem and asked if he could help.  The guy was an older man, and confirmed that we had a broken leaf spring.  He said that we could probably drive at 45 mph. all the way down to Boston if we wanted too, but it would probably be safer to sleep in the nearby truck stop and get it into a shop in the morning.  We thanked the man and he got in his truck and drove away.  It was then that we realized that he hadn’t done anything else, at the rest stop!  He just drove up, helped us and then drove away!  It was a real God-thing. 

So, we drove to a truck stop in Bangor and slept there.  We were too tired to really care about where we were.  The next morning, we got our truck into a shop at 6:55 a.m...  It is now mid-morning as I write this in Bangor library, awaiting the call from the shop.  It should be fixed pretty soon, and we are all so grateful that the Lord provided the quick service we needed, instead of having to wait maybe a week to get the part we need. 

“…With God, all things are possible…”

Lord willing, we’ll be back on the road in the next few hours and get to the Boston area tonight.  We should then find a campground to spend the week in, and tour around.  Susanna Telian is flying in tomorrow afternoon to spend nine days with us, and I’m SO excited!!  It will be nice to see a familiar face from home. 

This was our weekend in Maine.  Oh, and we couldn't leave the state without Libbey picking up some of the local accents... :)